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Attire: Business Casual



9 AM TO 6 PM 




630 PM TO 9 PM Saturday March 28th




9 AM TO 3 PM




Free Money! How One Doctor Raised 2 Million Dollars in Grants

to Fund His Idea

In this lecture, Dr. Sunit Jariwala explains how he obtained grant funding to support development of his mobile phone app, and provides the framework for other physicians to do the same.

How Doctors Can Vet Their Idea

and Build an Initial Team

In this lecture, Dr. Rania Nasis will discuss the fundamentals of getting a business off the ground from evaluating the idea to recruiting & retaining the right people to help build it.

Medical Design to

Medical Device

In this lecture, Dr. Stephanie Persondek, teaches physicians how she took her idea from paper to production, and is now the co-founder and CEO of Outpost Innovations, a product development company.

Adding Value to 

Healthcare Innovation

Thinking about investing in healthcare innovation? In this lecture, Dr. John Dayton 

provides physicians with a guide to angel investing as well as advising healthcare startups and early ventures.

Helping Physicians Understand

the Start Up Term Sheet

Looking to invest in a startup? Or, preparing to raise investor capital for your company? Dr. Cho-Fertikh explains the critical elements a startup should present to secure an investor 's interest, the factors that determine company valuations & the key elements of the term sheet that can close an investment deal.

How Physicians Can Build a Strong Corporate and

Intellectual Property

Foundation for Their Venture

In this lecture, Maneesh Gulati and Matt Uretsky, expert lawyers at McCarter & English, teach the essentials of corporate law that doctors should be familar with and the crucial elements of understanding IP to protect their innovative healthcare ideas.

Telemedicine Regulatory

Updates for 2020

Monica Chmielewski, Vice President of Foley Law Firm's Health Care Industry Team, will be talking to doctors about what they need to know in 2020 when offering telemedicine services to their patients in both private practice models and direct to consumer models.

Discover More Freedom

with the Right Telehealth Partner

In this lecture physicians will learn what questions to ask virtual care companies when making the decision to work with them. Dr. Fadul, Wheel's Chief Medical Officer, will also discuss what different types of digital health companies are looking for when they consider physicians for telehealth and virtual care delivery.

How I Built This: One

Doctor's Journey in Building

and Selling His Company

In this lecture, Dr. Rikin Patel discusses how he built a company from the ground up and then sold it in 2018. He will discuss how physicians can dissect the needs of a venture to determine a path forward for success in scaling.

Equipping Physicians

to Drive Healthcare Innovation

In this lecture, Dr. Jay Bhatt, Chief Medical Officer of the American Hospital Association and Rahul Dubey, Founder of Percynal Health Innovations discuss the tools and framework for implementing innovative change at different levels of the healthcare system.

A Physician's Guide to

Licensing Intellectual Property

and Building a Product:

Prototype to Mass Production

In this lecture, Dr. Katie Deming, Founder & CEO of MAKEMERRY, will share her story of how she licensed her unique product, developed prototypes, and scaled this into mass production, all while still practicing clinically as a Radiation Oncologist. 

From Eye Doctor to Eyemetics: Building a Beauty Brand

In this lecture, Dr. Shetal "Nicky" Shah will discuss how she developed and patented a unique chemical complex. as well as how she incorporated her technology into beauty products to create her own beauty brand.

Please Note: Any lecture may be subject to change if there is a change in speaker availability due to unforseen circumstances, interruptions in travel plans, or illness.

Why it is Up to Physicians to

Create the Future of Healthcare

In this lecture, Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali will discuss how healthcare entrepreneurs can create companies that both help improve patient care and also empower physicians to lead innovation. Dr. Bhanusali has started many companies including a skincare lines with Amazon, AIRE Health- a free EMR and marketplace for Dermatologists, and Skin Medicinals, a technology platform that provides access to compounded medications at a fraction of the cost of what they’d normally be available for.

Building Pharmacy Into

Your Healthcare Business

In this lecture, Alex Bargar, VP of Clinical Services at Simple Health, will discuss his experience building the pharmacy strategy and operation for Simple Health, and the lessons he learned in scaling an operation that has now dispensed more than 100,000 prescriptions. Incorporating pharmacy into your healthcare business is fraught with legal, regulatory, and operations risks. But, for the right type of business, it also presents great opportunity.

How Physicians Can Build a

Telemedicine Practice and 

Get Paid For It

In this lecture, Dr. Sylvan Waller, previously Chief Medical Officer at MDLive, will focus on the direct payment model of Teladoc and MDLive. He will also discuss negotating higher payments, state licensures, and payment models differ for asynchronous vs synchronous telemedicine services.

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