Business Mastery and Start Ups for Healthcare Professionals

Summer 2021 Session

Fall 2021 Session - October 2, 2021

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Have you ever felt stuck in your "box" of healthcare?

Have you ever felt that you have an idea that could change the way things work?

Have you ever wanted to develop and use skills outside of your clinical skill set?

Get access to 1 on 1 coaching with founders who have built companies with over 100 million in annual revenue

100+ years of


We have the know-how you need to get from idea to success. 

Let us help you launch or scale your business and get unstuck!

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  • 1 day live course (or watch later option)

  • 1 year of ongoing coaching including monthly virtual sessions with business experts who have built multi million dollar companies

  • Access to Dr. Nagori and Dr. Paul's network

  • Expert lectures including:

    • Legal​ experts

    • Tax experts

    • Pitch coach

    • Business Development

    • Technology

    • Private Practice Experts

    • Funding and Venture Capital

    • Finance

    • Company Founders

    • Manufacturing

    • and more


  • Free personalized session with Dr. Nagori on practice acquisition (including evaluation of profit and loss from potential practice you intend to acquire, and evaluation of what you can negotiate to get a better price) vs starting new; or personalized session on your idea/practice to discuss your next steps.

  • Free 3 years of tax return review by our accountant experts

  • Free personalized marketing strategy session with Health Media Experts

  • Free personalized corporate filing for a new business

  • Free personalized confidentiality & non-disclosure agreement

  • Free consultation and strategy session with a lawyer on starting or expanding their current business.

  • Free consultation with tech developer

  • Free consultation with a patent expert

  • Free consultation with finance expert

  • Opportunity to pitch a VC fund

**Value of Bonuses (>$20,000)

Saya Nagori, MD

Dr. Nagori started which went from 3 people to 70+ employees in the last 5 years. She is the Founder of and practices telemedicine in her own private practice She is an advisor to several companies in healthcare.

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Andrea Paul, MD

Dr. Paul founded and subsequently sold Venture-Backed company, BoardVitals. She is now a Venture Capitalist and advises companies in the digital health and innovation space. She is also the CEO of Health Media Experts, a marketing consultancy.

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Trevor Smith, MD

"I am one of those people with too many ideas and not enough time to complete them all. I enrolled in this course to move myself forward in time. Saya and Andrea are way out ahead of where I want to be and if I save six months or a year of my time by learning from their experience then this course will have returned me a significant multiple on this investment. After just the first bootcamp day I can already tell I will have jumped forward in time at least that far! I have already narrowed my focus toward two main projects and have actionable next steps for both!"

Sonal Sakariya, MD

"Before taking this course, I had very limited knowledge about the different non-clinical opportunities available in medicine. It was so amazing and inspiring to see all the remarkable initiatives that physicians have pioneered. Andrea and Saya did a great job catering to everyone's individual backgrounds, interests, and skill levels. I learned so much in just one weekend and am very grateful to have them as resources while I navigate my future career transitions." yours.


"I attended the Business bootcamp session and I got from it a lot of information and things to consider as I plan and start my entrepreneur journey. I really liked the fact that different consultants from different fields were involved and available to answer questions in their field of specialty."